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Cantaloupe with Peanut Dukkah

How About a Simple and Unique Summer Melon Salad? I love eating and serving a simple melon salad with my meals in summer. I can’t think of anything more refreshing and satisfying. If you’ve got a good melon, you really don’t need to do a lot to it in order for it to be delicious. […]

Red Fruit Salad with Lime and Chili Syrup

Here’s a Salad That Will Spark Up Any Meal! When fruits are at their peak, I don’t think you need to do a lot in order to enjoy them at their best. I love to serve them as salads and when I do, I keep everything else very simple. A grilled piece of meat or […]

Green Tomato Pie with Bacon and Panko Crumbs

A Summer Main Course Pie That Puts Green Tomatoes Front and Center. I love green tomatoes. They are tart and almost astringent, but have a little of the sweet flavor of a ripe tomato.  I also love tomato pie. This got me thinking about making a green tomato pie. I figured the flavor of green […]

Goat Cheese Toasts with Korean Pear and Spicy Honey

Oh, Man. These are So Good You Won’t Believe It. This all came about because I bought Korean pears at my local Korean grocery store. Now, I’ve bought these many times in my regular grocery store and even at Costco, where they’re simply labeled Asian pears. But what I’ve discovered is the pears that actually […]

Jean’s Perfect Jar of Kimchi from Eric Kim

Eric Says This Kimchi is Perfect Kimchi. I feel sure most of you have either tasted it or have even made your own batch of the fermented napa cabbage, which is known as baechu kimchi.  I first made it quite awhile ago and have since tried different methods and recipes.  In order to achieve the […]

Shrimp Pasta with Black Lime, Yogurt, and Black Garlic

Shrimp Pasta with Black Lime, Yogurt, and Black Garlic

Creamy Pasta with Shrimp – But with a Twist. Here’s a dish that I guarantee will surprise you with the flavors involved. I’ve been using ground black limes in quite a few recipes lately. And for good reason. They brings such a punch of flavor to the table. When combined with warm spices, like cumin […]

Pork Patties with ‘Nduja Roasted Fennel and Potato Wedges

Pork Patties with ‘Nduja Roasted Fennel and Potato Wedges

Nothing Dull About These Flavors. Here’s a very tasty meal I put together after thinking about what to do with the ground pork sitting in my freezer and a couple of fresh fennel bulbs. Pork patties, seasoned with garlic, fresh oregano, and pecorino seemed like a good thing. I soaked fresh bread crumbs in milk […]

Pork Noodle Bowl with Umami Sauce

Pork Noodle Bowl with Umami Sauce

Now Here is a Bowl of Noodles I Fully Support. Kenji Lopez is a favorite of mine and I came upon a recipe for his take on XO sauce in his new cookbook The Wok *. He calls it Umami Sauce because it doesn’t have the requisite dried scallops and shrimps, called for in typical […]