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Ricotta with Strawberry Sumac Honey and Berries

Renée Robinson

Here’s an Easy Summer Dessert You Won’t Soon Forget.

I’ve been singing the praises of homemade ricotta for years. It’s in no way an authentic ricotta, which is made from whey. But it is world’s ahead of anything you can purchase in the grocery store. Because it is only made with milk, cream, buttermilk, and a little salt, the flavor is pure dairy and clean. But it is the texture that will make you a believer. The curds are soft and creamy. There is none of the graininess you find in store  bought ricotta. It is one of my favorite foods on earth.

I am always on the lookout for different ways to enjoy it. While I use it for lasagna and other recipes in which it is cooked, I greatly prefer it uncooked. With berries at their peak right now, I came up with this very simple dessert that lets the ricotta shine through, while still emphasizing the beautiful berries.

I loved the idea of strawberry honey. This was easy to achieve by pulverizing a few strawberries in the blender and stirring the purèe into some honey. While this was good, I thought it needed more acid and stirred in some lemon juice. Now it was better, but not particularly interesting. That’s when I decided to add a teaspoon of ground sumac * and a big pinch of salt. Now we were talking! The sumac added tanginess and a depth of flavor that had been missing. My friends, this sauce is simply wonderful.

A scoop of cold ricotta, and some good berries drizzled with this flavored honey is my idea of a great summer dessert. Not too sweet, but just sweet enough, bright and juicy summer berries, and then the strawberry sumac honey? Oh, yeah, this is great. 

I could easily see how this strawberry sumac honey would be delicious on biscuits, pancakes, cereal, or any other food in which honey would normally be added. Spoon it onto a bowl of vanilla ice cream or macerate strawberries in it for a fabulous strawberry shortcake. But I know my favorite way to eat it will be with my well loved homemade ricotta.

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Ricotta with Strawberry Sumac Honey and Berries

Recipe by Renée Robinson



Honey flavored with fresh strawberry purèe, lemon juice, ground sumac, and a little salt is drizzled over my creamy homemade ricotta and served with fresh berries. An easy and perfect summer dessert.

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  • Pulverize 4 large strawberries in a blender and strain through a fine meshed strainer. You should have approximately 1/2 cup of puree. Heat the honey in either a small saucepan or in a bowl in the microwave, just until it has loosened and is warm. In a small bowl, stir together the honey, strawberry puree, sumac, lemon juice, and a large pinch of fine sea salt. Set aside and allow to cool. Store in the refrigerator.
  • Spoon approximately 1/2 cup ricotta onto each serving dish. Add a few slices of strawberries and a few blackberries to each dish. Spoon on about a tablespoon of the strawberry honey and serve. Enjoy!

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