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Raised Southern Magazine

Raised Southern Magazine Launches with 3 of My Recipes!

Renée Robinson

Brand New Magazine Brings You Recipes and More from the South.

I want to congratulate Jamie Parrish on the launch of his beautiful new magazine Raised Southern . It celebrates food, farms, furnishings, art, pets, the people, and their stories that make up the South. He started with a dream. And he made it happen. His passion and tenacity have paid off brilliantly. 

Jamie and I are not old friends. I have belonged to the Milk Street Facebook cooking group for the last couple of years. During the pandemic, it has sustained my connection to the cooking world and has been a complete joy. We post photos and recipes of what we’re cooking and great discussions ensue. Jamie is also a member of the Milk Street Community. Can you imagine my surprise when several months ago, he contacted me, told me all about his vision for a new magazine, and asked if I’d be interested in contributing some original recipes with accompanying photographs?  What??!!!?? 

All my family members are from the South. I was born in Arkansas. Even though I was mostly raised in Illinois, we spent weeks with family in the South every year and I grew up on Southern cooking. Great Southern cooking. My mother and grandmother had no match in the kitchen. And while I’ve spread my wings into many other cuisines, the basis of my cooking is what I learned from those talented women. 

Well, here we are today. The first issue of the magazine has just arrived and it contains three recipes and photos from yours truly. I can’t adequately express my excitement and gratitude for being given the opportunity to be a part of such a worthwhile venture. I had a great time developing the recipes and as a surprise to no one who’s familiar with my cooking, I chose citrus as the theme. After all, here in South Florida, there is nothing more plentiful. 

The first recipe is for an orange salad with a creamy dressing made from whipped cream, sour cream and black mustard seeds. The combination of sweet/tart/salty/creamy is heavenly. Then there is my recipe for a tray bake made with chicken thighs, Meyer lemons, oranges, fennel seeds, whole grain mustard, crusty bread and fresh chives. It’s simple and packed with flavors and textures that are amongst my favorites. The last recipe is my Orange Buttermilk Sheet Cake, which I not so humbly submit, as being one of the best cakes I’ve ever tasted. It really is that good.   

As to Jamie? I’ve now gotten to know him. And to know him is to love him. Way to go, my friend!!!!

To get my 3 recipes and a lot more, Raised Southern* magazine will be available at Barnes and Noble beginning May 19, but you can get a copy now by ordering online at .

Get your copy and let me know what you think!

– Renée Robinson

* Also on Instagram and Facebook: #RaisedSouthern #StoriesFromTheSouth

16 Responses

  1. How exciting! I just reserved my issue. Hope this leads to lots more opportunities for you.

  2. I agree about the orange cake. I have to limit how often I make it , as I keep going back for “1 more little piece”.

    1. I have to laugh because I completely agree with you. It’s almost impossible to resist. So glad you like it, too!!

  3. This is wonderful Renee. Congratulations! It’s so exciting to see your creations in a magazine. I can personally say your food and presentation is amazing!

  4. How wonderful for you! And for us!

    FYI, when I clicked the link from your newsletter to read this, the name & email address were prefilled with Sherie’s info. You might want to look into that. 💕

    1. Thank you, Heather. I’m trying to figure out where Sherie’s information showed up. Would you mind letting me know. No matter where I click, I’m not seeing what you saw. Is it still there when you click now? Exactly where did this show up? This is very peculiar. I can’t imagine how such a thing occurred. And to make it even more interesting, Sherie has never received the newsletter. Lol!!

  5. So excited for you and Jamie! Will definitely subscribe! Renee you know how much I treasure your recipes and love reading your excellent prose in all of them!

  6. I’m thrilled for you. I just ordered my first edition of the new magazine. You’re doing this!

  7. How thrilling is this! You are an amazing cook, great at describing your food, photographer all rolled into one person. My daughter now lives in South Carolina and love learning about the south. Just ordered my copy and excited to read it cover to cover. Many blessings as you continue to share your gifts.

    1. Thank you so much, Donna! It’s a beautiful magazine. Please let me know what you think after you get your copy.😊

  8. Absolutely, stonkingly fabulous! So proud of you but unsurprised that your fabulous recipes and flair for combining flavours has been recognised and lauded. The cake, alone, is worth a gold medal!

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