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Peaches and Cream Flan Parisien

Peaches and Cream Flan Parisien

Renée Robinson

Peach Flavored Pastry Cream in a Buttery Crust Served with Fresh Peaches.

I’ve long wanted to make a Flan Parisien. I’ve eaten them and loved them, but never made one myself. After finally taking the plunge, I’m happy to say it was simple and straightforward. Nothing fiddly about it at all. I decided upon a recipe by Molly Wilkinson that was posted by David Lebovitz. 

In case you’ve never eaten this, it consists of a buttery crust filled with vanilla pastry cream, which is baked until it is browned to the point of being almost black on top. After chilling overnight, it is sliced and is usually served as is. But I wanted to take advantage of the wonderful peaches available right now and decided to create a peach version of Flan Parisien.

Mathilde Peche Liqueur

I added 2 tablespoons of Mathilde Pêche Liqueur to the filling, along with 3 good pinches of kosher salt. Besides these small additions, I did change one other thing in the recipe. You are instructed to press the crust into the bottom and up the sides of a springform pan. After adding the filling, I trimmed the dough to within 1/2 inch of the level of the filling. Other than these minor changes, I followed the recipe exactly as written. Well, almost. I used salted butter in the crust instead of unsalted and simply added a little less salt than called for. 

Slice of Peaches and Cream Flan Parisien

I then sliced a few peaches, sprinkled them with vanilla sugar (granulated sugar which has been stored with a vanilla bean) and ground pink peppercorns, and served them alongside each slice of the flan. What a delicious dessert this is. I will provide a link to Molly’s recipe on David’s blog and if you’re interested in learning more about this classic French dessert, David provides some interesting information. 

Peaches and Cream Flan Parisien

Recipe by Renée Robinson



Peach flavored pastry cream is baked in a buttery crust and served with fresh peaches for one of the most elegant desserts you will ever taste.

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  • Molly Wilkonson’s Flan Parisien
  • Follow the directions as written, except stir in peach liqueur and the 3 pinches of kosher salt at the very end when making the filling. After you've filled the crust with the pastry cream, trim the crust to 1/2 inch above the top of the filling. This will give you a much cleaner edge to your crust.
  • Peaches
  • Slice each peach half into wedges and serve a few with each slice of the the flan, sprinkling them with a little vanilla sugar and ground pink peppercorns. Enjoy!


  • 9 inch Springform Pan

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