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Bok Choy

High-Heat-Roasted Baby Bok Choy

Renée Robinson

Simple and Quick with the Best Results.

When it comes to cooking baby bok choy, I think I’ve tried all the requisite techniques. But the one that is far and away my favorite is roasting briefly at a high heat. This is the only method that gives me a tender base with crispy leaves, which is delightful to eat. And talk about easy!

I very lightly coat a sheet pan with olive oil. Place the whole baby bok choy on the pan, drizzle with a little more oil and roast for 10 minutes. Flip them, roast for 5 more minutes, season and eat. That’s it. You don’t even need to cut them in half before roasting. 

And depending on what you’re serving with them, you can choose your seasonings respectively. I didn’t want to go with soy-type seasonings this time, so I only chose some smoked salt and black pepper, with a small pour of my best olive oil. They needed nothing else.

As to my oven temperature, I set it for 500° and let it preheat for 30 minutes. I end up with a temperature around 450°. If I actually want it to get to 500° or higher, I have to preheat it for almost an hour. By doing it this way I get it up to 450° quickly and keep it there for the 15 minutes it takes to roast the bok choy. Everyone’s ovens are different. This is how mine behaves. 

Those toasted crunchy ends of the leaves are so good and the bulbed base is perfectly crisp tender and not mushy. Quick, easy and delicious. And perfect.

High-Heat-Roasted Baby Bok Choy

Recipe by Renée Robinson

4 - 6


For the easiest and best baby bok choy, all that's needed is a sheet pan, a little olive oil, high heat in your oven and some smoked salt. The crispy leaves and tender bulbs are simply perfect.

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  • 1 lb. baby bok choy, left whole, stem ends trimmed

  • Olive oil

  • Smoked salt

  • Black pepper

  • The best olive oil you have, for finishing


  • Preheat the oven to 450°F with a rack in the center. Very lightly coat the bottom of a half sheet pan with olive oil. Add the bok choy in a single layer and drizzle on each one a few drops of olive oil. Roast for 10 minutes. Flip the bok choy and return to the oven for 5 more minutes.
  • Sprinkle with smoked salt, black pepper and a little great olive oil. Serve and enjoy!


  • Half Sheet Pan

2 Responses

  1. Good morning! Saving this recipe for fall! It’s 100 degrees everyday here in Grand Junction, Colorado! (Petticoat Junction!). What olive oil do you recommend?

    1. Hi there, Marty! I hear you where the heat is concerned. Ugh! As to the finishing olive oil, I have several small bottles of really good olive oils that I use for finishing. There is no one specific brand I recommend. I get them whenever I happen to run into something that intrigues me. For instance, my son gave me one as a gift that I used to drizzle on the these when they came out of the oven. It’s called Khalaf and comes from the Galilee mountain area. It’s incredibly delicious. I highly recommend picking up these types of artisanal olive oils whenever you can. They never cease to amaze me with their deliciousness. 😊

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