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Italian Lady’s Kisses Hazelnut Cookies

Italian Ladies Kisses

A Layer of Chocolate Ganache Sandwiches These Little Buttery Hazelnut Cookies. These little Italian cookies have quickly become a favorite around here. They’re called Baci di Dama, which translates to Lady’s Kisses, and this is David Lebovitz’s recipe, which he was given by Terresa Murphy. The dough has 4 ingredients: hazelnuts, butter, rice flour, and […]

Black Rice, Plum, and Cherry Salad

Black Rice, Plum, and Cherry Salad

And It’s Topped with Crispy Breadcrumbs! If you’ve never eaten black rice, this is a great place to start. I love it because it’s chewy and a little nutty in flavor, which makes it great for salads. When it cooks it ends up being a beautiful deep purple color that I thought would lend itself […]