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Pineberry Tart with Pineapple Curd

It’s So Exciting to Discover a Beautiful New Fruit! I don’t know if you’ve seen these pineberries in your markets, but I’ve occasionally seen them around for a year or so and I finally couldn’t resist trying them out. They are a hybrid of regular Florida strawberries and Japanese white strawberries. As you can see, […]

Sausage, Bean, and Escarole Bake

The Flavors of White Beans, Italian Sausage, and Greens Hardly Need Anything Else in Order to Shine. Escarole and beans is a classic dish for a reason. It’s one of those ultimate comfort foods. The bitter flavor of the greens mellows completely when they’re braised with the beans. I had a taste for it, but […]

French Toast

What’s For Brunch? French Toast with a Secret Ingredient. Hello, friends!  It’s been awhile. I optimistically hoped I’d be up and running a few weeks after moving, but it turned into a couple of months. I’m happy to say my kitchen renovation in my new house was completed 2 days before Christmas and I’m ready […]

Roasted Strawberry Sheet Cake

Roasted Strawberries Ensure This is Packed Full of Berry Flavor! I’ve tried my hand at making a strawberry sheet cake and wasn’t at all satisfied with the result. The strawberry flavor didn’t transfer well. It had a dullness to it that didn’t strike me as particularly delicious. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great.  Then […]

Rice Pudding with Nectarines and Amaretto

Rice Pudding with Nectarines and Amaretto

Perfect for Summer – Ice Cold and Creamy Rice Pudding. This came about because I made a mistake. I really don’t know how it happened, but I ended up having 25 pounds of Homai Calrose medium grain sushi rice delivered in my last Costco order. I remember looking at it awhile ago, but have no […]

Red Fruit Salad with Lime and Chili Syrup

Here’s a Salad That Will Spark Up Any Meal! When fruits are at their peak, I don’t think you need to do a lot in order to enjoy them at their best. I love to serve them as salads and when I do, I keep everything else very simple. A grilled piece of meat or […]

Kimchi-Inspired Perilla Leaves

These Marinated Herbal Leaves Really Elevate a Plain Bowl of Rice. I don’t know if you’ve ever tasted perilla leaves. They’re big leaves that taste similar to mint and basil, but have a decidedly more intense and grassy flavor that also reminds me of deeply flavored spices. I bought these for the first time a […]

Slow-Roasted Strawberry Ricotta with Fried Dumpling Wrappers

Creamy Ricotta Dip with The Best Chips I’ve Ever Tasted. I don’t know if any of you have ever slow-roasted strawberries. I mean really slow-roast – 250° for at least 3 hours, and as many as 6. You simply put the strawberries in a pan/dish packed closely with a little sugar and let them slowly […]

Lemon Basil Sheet Cake

Lemon Basil Sheet Cake

A Vibrant Sheet Cake – Just in Time for Spring. My love of sheet cakes is fairly well known by now. First of all, when it comes to ease of preparation, they can’t be beat. They will also feed a crowd, if necessary. Finally, there is no last minute fussing around, you can even make […]

Meyer Lemon Cream Pie with Roasted Strawberries

Meyer Lemon Cream Pie with Roasted Strawberries

Could Anything Be More Perfect for Valentine’s Day? Lemon flavored, but creamy. Roasted strawberries somewhere in the mix. That’s what I had in mind when I started thinking about this pie. I knew I wanted to use the Meyer lemons I had, but you could also use regular lemons and it would still be delicious.  […]