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Marinated Zucchini and Tomatoes on Ricotta Toast

Ricotta Toast – One of Life’s Great Pleasures! Look, I’m one of those people who will plop almost anything on a piece of good toast and think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. Seriously, that’s the way I roll. And if the toast has first been smeared with a spoonful of my […]

Quick and Easy Smoked Sausage with Harissa

Quick and Easy Smoked Sausage with Harissa

This is for Those Days When You Need to Get a Tasty Meal on the Table – Pronto. Don’t we all need recipes that deliver on all fronts, but only take about a half hour to actually make? And when I say a half hour, I mean it. I know I’m not alone in my […]

Melted Blue Cheese Sandwiches with Ham and Strawberries

There Are Sandwiches… and Then There Are SANDWICHES. If you’re anything at all like me, you’re always in the mood for a good sandwich. When I think about it, a good pb&j, tuna salad, or anything similar is okay by me. But then there are times when I take sandwiches seriously because I think a […]

Shrimp and Black Bean Panzanella

Everything I Love in a Meal is Right Here on This Plate. My love for panzanella is no secret. It happens to be a dish that ticks all my bells and I’ve made and posted several variations. In my ever-so-humble opinion, a really good panzanella can’t be beaten. It will always be in my top […]

Charred Shishito Peppers with Anchovy Cream

How Good are These Blistered Peppers When Paired with a Warm Anchovy Cream Dipping Sauce? Very Very Good. By now, many of us have enjoyed charred shishito peppers that are served with a little drizzled olive oil and salt. I love them and could easily eat them weekly. There’s something about holding onto the stems […]

Roasted Radicchio, Beet, and Blood Orange Salad

Quickly Broiled Radicchio Wedges are a Surprise Ingredient! I’ve been making a lot of winter salads lately. The apples and pears are so good now. But it’s the citrus I love most. No surprise there for my followers. And of course citrus and beets are a classic combination for a reason. The acid in oranges […]

Roasted Carrot Spread with Capers

Sweet Roasted Carrots and Capers Make an Exceptionally Delicious Spread/Dip. I’ve seen many recipes that use carrots as the main ingredient in a spread or dip and I’ve made quite a few of them. But I had something else in mind when I came up with this recipe. I wanted the flavor of roasted carrots, […]

Peach and Tomato Salad with Ricotta

This is the Perfect Way to Enjoy the Last Great Peaches of Summer. I know I’ve recently posted a couple recipes using peaches or nectarines, but while I’m still able to get some good ones at the market, I have to share this one with you, too. I eat a lot of fruit and regularly […]

Shrimp, Bean, and Peach Salad with Chamoy Dressing

Now, Here’s a Main Course Salad That is Anything But Boring. Yeah, it’s blisteringly hot outside and I’m not in the mood to spend a lot of time in a hot kitchen. But I had some Rancho Gordo Royal Corona Beans and love them in a salad, so I soaked them overnight and put them […]

Crispy Skillet Potatoes and Burrata Over Tomato Sauce

Potatoes This Good Don’t Need Much of Anything Else. I had a real hankering for my Crispy Skillet Potatoes. But during these hot summer days, I find myself not particularly in the mood for a meat and potatoes meal. I’ve done a lot of things with these potatoes. In the past, I’ve even served them […]