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Potato Galette with Tomatoes and Oranges

Potato Galette with Tomatoes and Oranges

Potatoes, Crème Fraîche, Tomatoes, and Oranges Encased in a Buttery Crust – Sound Good to You? I was in the mood for a savory galette. And I had a day where I could spend time in the kitchen putting it together without any other pressing matters on the agenda. There are those days where you […]

Renée’s Milk Bread

Renee's Milk Bread

Soft, Fluffy, and Buttery Milk Bread is The Best! I bake a lot of breads. It may be my favorite thing to bake. The entire process is so deeply satisfying, I can’t think of anything else I cook that gives me the same degree of pleasure. And there are so many different kinds that I’m […]