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Citrus and Zucchini Confit

A New Way to Enjoy My Favorite Citrus! One of my greatest joys, amongst many, of my recent move north, is the discovery of a sensational grocery store. In fact, I’ve never seen anything like it. One of the outstanding departments is the produce section. It is humongous, with a much larger selection than I’ve […]

French Toast

What’s For Brunch? French Toast with a Secret Ingredient. Hello, friends!  It’s been awhile. I optimistically hoped I’d be up and running a few weeks after moving, but it turned into a couple of months. I’m happy to say my kitchen renovation in my new house was completed 2 days before Christmas and I’m ready […]

Maple Glazed Chicken with Saffron Chipotle Rice

Chicken and Rice – A Whole New Level. I don’t really know where to begin explaining this recipe. Chicken and rice. Let’s face it, while it’s a very well loved and comforting meal, it’s not exactly at the top of the excitement ladder. I guess what I’m trying to say is that while a typical […]