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Roasted Carrot Spread with Capers

Sweet Roasted Carrots and Capers Make an Exceptionally Delicious Spread/Dip. I’ve seen many recipes that use carrots as the main ingredient in a spread or dip and I’ve made quite a few of them. But I had something else in mind when I came up with this recipe. I wanted the flavor of roasted carrots, […]

Crispy Skillet Potatoes and Burrata Over Tomato Sauce

Potatoes This Good Don’t Need Much of Anything Else. I had a real hankering for my Crispy Skillet Potatoes. But during these hot summer days, I find myself not particularly in the mood for a meat and potatoes meal. I’ve done a lot of things with these potatoes. In the past, I’ve even served them […]

Roasted Peppers with Capers and Caper Leaves

Roasted Peppers with Capers and Caper Leaves

Is There Anything More Inviting Than a Platter of These Beauties? Happy Day After Thanksgiving! I feel sure most of us are all cooked out after yesterday. But if you’re anything like me, your palate needs a rest from the richness of that classic meal. These very easy roasted peppers make a lovely addition to […]