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Corn on the Cob with Maple Soy Butter Sauce

Hallelujah! Beautiful Corn on the Cob Has Arrived. While we may still be a couple of days from the official start of summer, when good corn on the cob hits the markets, summer is here, as far as I’m concerned. There isn’t a single food memory that speaks to me more strongly than eating butter […]

Pineberry Tart with Pineapple Curd

It’s So Exciting to Discover a Beautiful New Fruit! I don’t know if you’ve seen these pineberries in your markets, but I’ve occasionally seen them around for a year or so and I finally couldn’t resist trying them out. They are a hybrid of regular Florida strawberries and Japanese white strawberries. As you can see, […]

Pork Noodle Bowl with Umami Sauce

Pork Noodle Bowl with Umami Sauce

Now Here is a Bowl of Noodles I Fully Support. Kenji Lopez is a favorite of mine and I came upon a recipe for his take on XO sauce in his new cookbook The Wok *. He calls it Umami Sauce because it doesn’t have the requisite dried scallops and shrimps, called for in typical […]

Pork, Pineapple, and Pomegranate Molasses Kebabs

Pineapple Pork Kabob

Tender Pork Kebabs Slathered in a Spiced Yogurt Blend. I was in the mood for pork kebabs and the more I thought about I couldn’t get pineapple out of my mind. It’s a classic combination, but I wanted more than the flavors typically associated with this pairing. I finally decided on yogurt seasoned with black […]

High-Heat-Roasted Baby Bok Choy

Bok Choy

Simple and Quick with the Best Results. When it comes to cooking baby bok choy, I think I’ve tried all the requisite techniques. But the one that is far and away my favorite is roasting briefly at a high heat. This is the only method that gives me a tender base with crispy leaves, which […]

Ravioli with Orange Cream Sauce and Crispy Prosciutto

Ravioli with Orange Cream Sauce and Crispy Prosciutto

A Quick and Easy Recipe That Tastes Like You Spent Hours in the Kitchen. As much as I enjoy making my own pasta, there are those busy times when a bag of frozen cheese ravioli comes in really handy and saves the day. This recipe came about because I’d just served a tomato sauce the […]

Pan-Seared Lamb Chops with Himalayan Black Salt and Rosemary

Pan-Seared Lamb Chops with Himalayan Black Salt and Rosemary

It Only Takes a Few Minutes to Make Mouthwatering Lamb Chops. This is hardly a recipe. But I stumbled across a combination awhile ago that I think is so good, I had to share it. A year or so ago, I first tasted black salt, kala namak, that is used extensively in Indian cooking. I […]

Good Ol’ Fresh Bread

Good Ol' Fresh Bread

One of the Easiest Breads You Could Ever Bake. I love good bread and bake all kinds. From French baguettes, to Japanese milk breads, to focaccia: You name it and I bake it. The only bread I don’t bake is sourdough. I love it, too, but I’ve never been interested in maintaining a starter. I […]

Spaghetti with Anchovies, Tomatoes, and Parsley

Bursting with Flavor and It’s Made Quickly. I Promise. This is the pasta I make when the day has gotten away from me and I need to get a meal on – pronto. I first made this many years ago when I was homeschooling my son and we found ourselves starved in the middle of […]