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Roasted Strawberry Sheet Cake

Roasted Strawberries Ensure This is Packed Full of Berry Flavor! I’ve tried my hand at making a strawberry sheet cake and wasn’t at all satisfied with the result. The strawberry flavor didn’t transfer well. It had a dullness to it that didn’t strike me as particularly delicious. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great.  Then […]

Green Tomato Pie with Bacon and Panko Crumbs

A Summer Main Course Pie That Puts Green Tomatoes Front and Center. I love green tomatoes. They are tart and almost astringent, but have a little of the sweet flavor of a ripe tomato.  I also love tomato pie. This got me thinking about making a green tomato pie. I figured the flavor of green […]

Apple Galette with Calvados

This is the Apple Dessert I’ve Been Dreaming About. I’ve been on a quest for a specific kind of apple galette or tart for years now. I was lucky enough to taste one in Paris several years ago that was the gold standard for my particular palate and I’ve been searching for that same taste […]

Green Tomato and Almond Tart

Green Tomato and Almond Tart

A Nutty and Buttery Crust is Filled with Green Tomato Jam for a Show Stopping Dessert. I’ve long wanted to make a green tomato jam tart ever since I first read about it in Rosetta Costantino’s wonderful cookbook, My Calabria. When I ran into a load of green tomatoes last week, I decided now was […]

Muscadine Pie

Slice of Muscadine Pie

One of the Best Pies I’ve Ever Tasted. Well, this is a first for me. I had never made a muscadine pie. Nor had I ever tasted one. I always buy muscadines when they show up in my market because I’m nuts about their flavor. I’ve sliced them in half and roasted them, as well […]